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Fast and Female Power Pack

What is a Fast and Female Power Pack?

The Power Pack is a program led by YOU. We will send you everything needed for the event, including swag and resources to be successful. We want to support you as best as possible by providing planning guides, checklists, and key messaging. Fast and Female will also be available for a consultation to walk you through the event process and answer any questions you might have. You will be responsible for the planning and execution of the event; no Fast and Female employees will be on-site. Curriculum is not included, but can be added for an additional cost. Contact [email protected] to learn about our current curriculum offerings.

We have designed this for a 1-2 hour event for self identified ages 8-18.  We will connect you with REAL Role Models in your area to inspiring your participants to stay healthy and active in sports.

The main parts of the event are:

  1. A physical activity, led by you and our Role Models
  2. Inspirational chat with our Role Models

This is your opportunity to support the mission of Fast and Female, and deliver a program to girls in your community!

Target Audience

8-18 year olds

# of Participants

Up to 50

REAL Role Models


Starting Cost


*If the cost or budget is a concern, Fast and Female will be happy to discuss the details of the budget as well as pose opportunities for modifications.

A Power Pack Is For Your Girls If:

  • You/your organization want to foster a FUN active environment that promotes social belonging and role models.
  • You/your organization see the value in girls meeting and connecting role models in a casual and impactful setting.
  • You/your organization have a small budget.
  • You/your organization would like to take the lead in the planning and execution of a Fast and Female Event.

What is your role with a Power Pack?

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Securing space for the event
  • Confirming date and time of event 
  • Outreach for the event 
  • Planning the physical activity for the event
  • Coordinating REAL Role Models
  • Liaising with Fast and Female 
  • Being the point of contact and leader at the event

Past Events

In the summer of 2022, our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) hosted there own Power Pack events. 3 Power Pack programs were hosted in Thunder Bay, Yellowknife and Kelowna. Youth members planned the activity they would do with participants. They received all of our planning and program documents, and swag. They secured a location and were connected with local role models to support. ~65 participants attended the events. Great work YAC!

What the girls say

80% of girls said the physical activity was their favourite part

Girls rated their confidence 8.9/10 after attending a Power Pack event

“I’m proud of myself for getting outside and celebrating my body”

– Participant

Power Pack FAQ

I'm interested in joining the movement to empower girls through sports - What does it take to plan a Power Pack event?

We are committed to empowering girls through sport and physical activity and are excited that you are too! We will provide all of the necessary information and resources for you to be successful in delivering this program. If you’re interested in taking the next steps to get involved, please fill out our contact form.

How long does it typically take to get one of these inspiring event in motion? Is there a deadline?

We require 3 months of planning time to ensure that each Champ Chat is as successful as possible. This includes time for us to share all of the necessary resources, consult with you/your organization, and send supplies to you. We also want to provide enough time for you to prepare and plan for the event, and connect with REAL Role Models near you.

**We’ve been known to hustle extra hard to deliver events in shorter timelines, so if you have a VERY compelling case, we’re all ears**

I love what Fast and Female is doing and want to get involved, how can I do that without putting on a Power Pack event?

Thanks for your interest! There are SO many ways to join the movement and get involved with Fast and Female.

  • Sign up for our newsletter at
  • Donate
  • Learn everything you can about the barriers facing women and girls in sports.
  • Follow Fast and Female on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Post #fastandfemale
  • Go to women’s sporting events and stream them online.