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What People Are Saying About Fast and Female Events

I was very impressed with the Fast and Female program. Thanks for all the enthusiasm you bought to Prince George. Over the years, my daughter has felt uncomfortable XC skiing although it is our family sport and we have been taking her since she was two. This year she refused jackrabbits and sat in the lodge instead during lessons. However she saw the fast and female posters which piqued her interest and she signed up. She had such a good time during the two hours of fast and female that she came back saying “I wonder why I ever told you I didn’t like skiing. I love skiing! Sign me up for lessons next year mom!” This sentiment has lasted for our family downhill ski trip this week as well. I am so grateful to fast and female for bringing my daughter around to love skiing. My sincere thanks to all of you.

I had the great pleasure of being a part of the Fast and Female event held at the Canada Olympic park, even if it was just as a volunteer. Watching the young girls be inspired by Olympians to be physically active and how to properly do so was inspiring for myself to even watch. I wish I could’ve been participating in the event. It was amazing to see all the different types of emotions going on within those girls, and to see relationships build within the group throughout the day. There was something about the dynamics of the day, and how physical activity can bring so many people together. Getting the opportunity to physically be in the gym where the Olympians train was inspiring as well, and those girls were so lucky to have the opportunity to train in the facility. I was a little jealous of them. Taking pictures of the event, and being able to capture the emotions within the girls made me feel as though I was feeling those emotions along with them. Those girls had an amazing opportunity that they hopefully didn’t take for granted and I think it’s wonderful that teaching the importance of physical activity, and how to properly be physically active to young kids, especially girls. Girls don’t normally get the opportunity to shine because they’re surrounded by boys and feel uncomfortable. Hopefully this inspires girls to not let boys get in the way of their greatness and talents with physical activity and sport. Girls and boys are both human, and both are capable of amazing things.

My daughter is a triathlete, swimmer, and short track speed skater. She is a shining example of a girl that is a tough princess who loves beating boys. All the things your organization is promoting are the things I am teaching her, her teammates on our junior TRI team, and other female athletes I coach. Keep up the good work!

Kudos to Chandra, Annika, Rosanna and team for organizing such a great event on Sunday. I would like to thank you for letting me be involved as the “oldest” ambassador!! I believe that every time we have an opportunity to empower girls in sport we grow our sport in substantial ways.

In 1981 there were 2 women competing in Biathlon in Canada – Kaarina from BC and Denise from Alberta – I knew that I was a better skier and shooter than her, so in 1982 I started my adventure in Biathlon. That year at nationals there were 4 women, the next year 8, then the next year 16, then there was a Jr. women’s category, etc etc until 1992 when Myriam won an Olympic medal and many young girls knew that it was a real possibly for Canadians to succeed at the Olympic level.

So all of you great ambassadors need to know that you make a huge difference as role models and mentors to the young girls who you work with. When people see that the way has been paved it opens the door to set the bar even higher. Best of luck to everyone this season as you set and meet your goals, I’m going to forge a new skiing class this year and plan to give ski instruction for women 55+ at COP this winter!! So maybe to can encourage that age group to also be empowered through sport!!

Best wishes and see you on the trails!!

My daughter and I attended last year’s event at the Cyclo-Cross Championships – Mary the champ chat, where she spent lots of quality time with Catherine Pendrel J, and myself at the parent session, learning about nutrition & psychology. I hope you hear this all the time, but you guys rock.

I did Fast and Female when I was 14, so I got flown out to Canmore because I won a contest. In the first Fast and Female events ever, they were flying two girls from every province to Canmore for this event. That was my first time out West and I got to meet Chandra Crawford, who was a celebrity to me at that point. That was super motivating and I was on a high from that for a really long time. My inspiration from Fast and Female combined with the feeling that I was enjoying skiing the most out of all my sports prompted me to join the local Fondeurs Laurentides nordic team at 15. Two years later, I fully committed to skiing, leaving Quebec to train with Coach Les Parsons in Edmonton, Alberta.