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Anti-Racism and Respect Committee

Solidarity with the QTBIPOC* community and those who face injustice

*Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour

What is the Anti-Racism and Respect Advisory Committee (ARRC)?

The Fast and Female Anti-Racism and Respect Advisory Committee (ARRC) is an ad hoc advisory committee of members with diverse and intersectional skills and experiences. It reports to the Board of Directors and works collaboratively with Fast and Female Management, Staff, Volunteers, and Stakeholders.

What is the purpose of the ARRC?

The purpose of the Committee is to inform and guide Fast and Female programming practices, staff and volunteer education, and key areas of operations, partnerships, and fundraising with regard to anti-racism and respect. The Committee serves as a critical community champion of Fast and Female.

Indigenous girls reported the lowest sports participation at 24%
The Rally Report, 2020

What does the ARRC do?

The Anti-Racism and Respect Committee informs and guides Fast and Female programming practices, staff and volunteer education, and key areas of operations, partnerships, and fundraising with regard to anti-racism and respect.

Fast and Female's Anti-Racism Statement

Fast and Female was created in 2005 to tackle the inequalities and systemic barriers for girls and women in sports; however, we are also aware of how these inequalities reach far beyond sport culture and how they affect racialized and marginalized populations more than others.

We recognize that Fast and Female’s values of Inclusion and Social Change cannot be fully realized until we address these injustices and oppression and make meaningful change.

You can read the full statement, including our the steps we are taking in our long-term commitment to anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion, here.


Committee priorities and activities include:

Regularly reviewing the organization’s programs, practices, communications, and policies to ensure that they are consistent with the purpose of the organization and the mandate of the committee and that they are effective

Identifying and addressing current issues affecting Fast & Female’s vision/mission; challenge the organization’s thinking and status quo

Overseeing the development and contributing to long-term strategic priorities

Advising on areas of compliance with applicable laws, rules and SafeSport practices as they relate to the running of programs and events

Identifying new opportunities for collaborations, research and knowledge transfer to advance the position of women and girls in sport, nationally and globally

Guiding and supporting the organization through broad policies, planning objectives, and recommendations

Supporting the organization in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance the recommendations of the committee

Encouraging the development and implementation of programming and events that meet the needs of and deliver a positive impact to all participants

Providing leadership and guidance on mechanisms to improve monitoring, benchmarking and reporting

The ARRC Members


Josephine Kwan (she/her)

Vice Chair

Faith Jones (she/her)

Co-Secretary, REAL Role Model Rep

Terri Whitehead (she/her)

Co-Secretary, REAL Role Model Rep

Bette El-Hawary (she/her)

REAL Role Model Rep

Haginaa Sivapunniyan (she/her)

General Member

Baneen Al-Sachit (She/Her)

REAL Role Model Rep

Sophia Dhrolia (She/Her/They/Them)

General Member

Adrienne Gomes (she/her)

REAL Role Model Rep

Tobi Odueke (She/Her)

General Member

Contact The ARRC

If you would like to get in contact with The ARRC please email [email protected].